Photo by the lovely  Rachel Mandin

Photo by the lovely Rachel Mandin

About Me

I am a 20 year old red-head with a big love of getting to know people. I used to be the shyest kid in the class, but those days are long gone. I want to make people feel loved, invited, heard, and beautiful through my craft. 

You will 99% of the time see me with my hair in a bun, coffee cup near by, with a giant scrunchy nose smile on my face.

I am known to put one too many exclamation points in emails, but live life passionately, eh?

My friends think that I am like the human form of sunshine. I even have a tattoo of a sun on my foot, so like I guess you could say I'm one of the cool kids!

I also love hiking and exploring and adventuring and drives. If I could just spend the rest of my life doing those things, I'd be a happy camper (get it-cuz I like being outdoors?)! I also make really bad puns and laugh at myself a lot.

Ok. That's pretty much me in a nutshell!!


Let's be Friends


My home is the cow town of Chilliwack, BC- one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was raised exploring rich landscapes, moss covered forests, rushing riverbeds, and gorgeous mountains. The sense of adventure that exploring instills in me shines through in how I work. I believe that exploring the outdoors is one of the best ways to connect with people and build relationships. 

I also believe in authenticity and originality. Every person and every couple has things that make their hearts burst with happiness and things that make them roll their eyes. I want to know what makes you unique, what your quirks are, and I want to capture that- the real, authentic, true you.

I am currently completing the top-notch Professional Photography program at Langara College. Being immersed in photography everyday for the past two years has made the technical part of the job become second nature, allowing me to focus on you.

So if adventuring, exploring, laughing, dancing, and having fun is your type of thing, let's be friends!! 


Contact Me

If you're one who loves adventures and is down to get your hem a little messy, your hair a little windswept, and are all for embracing the elements and getting creative- Let's chat!!


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