Little Bird- An in-Home, Lifestyle Newborn Session

Every day, on my walk to school, I pass a little garden. There are beautiful trees, full bushes, and an old wooden fence lining the property. Every single day as I walk by, I can’t help but smile because of all the little birds who have made it their home. Hearing them is a gift. Their songs brighten any day. There they are, singing and chirping, even in the dead of winter.

Over the past few months, they have become my little invitation to be in the here and now, to stay present, to treasure the moment. They remind me that even during the dark and cold seasons, there is such thing as joy and hope. There is joy in the now, right in this moment, while listening to their sweet songs, and I hear hope that Spring is coming.

In Welsh, the word for bird is “Adaryn”.

Little Adaryn is a gift, a treasure, a song. Like the birds in the garden, she brings joy and hope. The joy of a new family, a new start, a new adventure. I saw the sweet and tender love her parents have for her. That love is full of joy, simply because she is theirs. I also see hope through her. She is here for a reason, her life has a purpose. In a world where women are coming together to make a way for us to keep moving forward, the possibilities for her life are limitless.

Welcome to the world, Adaryn.

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Jordyn Keller