Duke Gardens, NC

Do you have a person in your life that you can talk to and just feel understood to a whole new level? That’s Shan to me.

After nearly two years of her building a life in Durham, NC, I finally got to visit. I was only there for four days, but we fit in all the important things (i.e. a trip to target, some quality Queer Eye time, and Chik-fil-a). But for realsies, it was just what my heart needed. There wasn’t a set agenda to the weekend which meant that we had time to fit in our food-coma naps and walk off some solid meals. We filled the extra time with the most amazing conversations with the loveliest people. It was both reassuring and affirming to see the depth of the relationships Shanna surrounds herself with (basically I just want to be friends with all her friends). When you find your people, it’s a beautiful thing.

During my time there, we made a trip to Duke University (apparently they have a good basketball team?? yay sports!) and toured the gardens. All I can say is wow. I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves, but it’s like next level there. Koi ponds, fountains, chapels, flowers… They have all the things and it is so pretty. I (obviously) brought along my camera for this part and got to snap a few shots of my lovely hosts/tour guides/siblings, Shan and Will. But Shan is also a woman of many (many, many, many) talents and had me hop in front of the lens! I am in love with the shots she got, so clearly I had to add them in this blog post.

All in all, my trip to Durham was perfect. It was maybe too short, but I left rested and and with a full heart. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Jordyn Keller